Friday, February 25, 2011

Day #7 Pantry Organization

It took me 3 days to do the pantry... Mainly because my little guy was super sick and he was so clingy and would hardly let me get anything done..... But I finally did it and I am going to be honest I hated this challenge..... It was more work than I bargained for and I could still use a little more help but I need to get more storage baskets/bins so until then I did the best I could!
Pictures speak for themselves!
As you can see for these before pic's I was putting stuff where ever I could find a spot and it was impossible for me to find something I needed to cook/bake with!

Yes I am embarrassed!
HELP....... That is how I felt after I unloaded all my food from the pantry...... I was very overwhelmed and did not know where to begin.... But I started with putting food in categories such as soups, cake mixes, cereal ect......
After I got it all cleared out I swept, Mopped wiped down shelves and got it ready to be stocked back up
My little helper :)

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April said...

That's awesome and it looks great! I wish I had a pantry!