Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day # 5 challenge.... Dresser Drawers!

( Yes he has a Mac on his dresser.... LOL he watches movies in there while he play, I don't think there is one room in our house that doesn't have some kind of Mac in it weather it is a computer, or Ipod to apple tv.....) -you would never guess what my husband does-

Day number 5 challenge was supposed to be under kitchen sink but under my sink was already organized and very very clean, so I decided to take 2 days and do dresser drawers, between mine and kids it was messy and a ton of work so I did Forde's first and I will do the rest today.....
His dresser was so bad, it was Chaos, I could never find socks that matched or anything I was looking for, and Occasionally I would pull out things that didn't fit him anymore (yep I am guilty of keeping clothes to long for the fact I have no time to go through them or so I say)
He had so many Pajamas and really we do not need that many so I cleared out half of those and got a full bag of stuff that did not fit, and guess what? I found matches to socks and put those together and organized drawers from T shirts and pants and shorts and summer stuff to hanging all his button up clothes up ect.
It felt good going in to get him dressed this morning :)

Yes his clothes were really all jumbled in his drawers because I Hate doing laundry and especially putting it away but I find that when I have it all organized it is easy to fold it and put it right where it goes!
There.... all better, Now on to the girl's closet and dresser!

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