Monday, March 24, 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

We finally have internet that works...

     Since UtahWISP (Nate's Business) was sold, the internet didn't get any better, so we finally got Comcast. It's not quite as sweet as Free but it screams just as fast.

     Here are some pictures from today: Easter egg hunts with both sides of the family.  And some random photo's of our new home.

Lori and her sister Cyd

Ya... Easter egg fun
The Cousins... less those in Texas

Kylan's missing 2 front teeth
Easter Egg hunt outside our home

Family kicking it in the Family room

The Lounge

Nate's new iMac that he waited patiently for 4 years to get
Lori's new dining table that she waited patiently for 3 months to get

Happy Easter!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Death Bed

Being ill with somthing is never fun, I think it get's worse as you get older because you have little kids running around poking you and making noise, as compared to being a child, often times it's much more quiet and your mom is always standing by to take care of you. Lori does a fabulous job of taking care of the kids and I when we're sick, but I think this week has taken a tole on her, she's heavy.. very heavy with child, and the twins require alot of her energy throughout the day as well, as this has been the sickest I've every been in my life, I'm sure I'm a bear to please. By now she's probably wishing I hadn't sold my business, as I have nothing to occupy all my precious time with. Anyhow- Thanks for all you do and put up with Lori, I love you.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


ok, lori has been bugging me almost dailey now about the Internet which hasnt worked since
we moved to our new home, pretty sad since I have owned and operated an Internet company for
the last 4 years or so. But not anymore- we were bought out this last week, the crappy
part is that I haven't realy been able to celebrate as I've been on or near what
has felt like my death bed for almost an entire week now with somthing called prostitus- a dreadfully
painful bacterial infection of the prostate- I know what your thinking- that's somthing that only realy old people get, not so. And to top it off- I made a visit to IHC instacare early in the week, as I sat waiting, I started getting realy hot plus the room began to spin, I felt like i was gonna spew, so I stood up to make my way to the lou (bathroom) the last thing I remember i hear some old man yell- "he's having a seizure (not sure if that is the correct spelling) help!" I open my eyes and realize that I am lying on the floor in the waiting room, and the doc and a couple nurses are runnig toward me with a wheelchair, askming me all sorts of questions, Not sure what happened, I must have fainted, but it got me in to the doc nice and quick. So the next time your waiting to see the doc, just faint and you'll move right up in line.

Enough about me- Lori is due the end of April and we are having a man child as Steph would say.
that's it for now, as it's a pain blogging from an iPhone. I'm out