Monday, April 26, 2010

Forde turns 2!

Can you believe he went from this adorable baby.... to this handsome little guy.....

Yes it is True Forde turned 2..... Can you believe it? I know I cant where does the time go..... He has been such a joy to have in our family and is so funny and he is definitely at that terrible 2 stage, He screams all the time when he is mad or doesn't get his way, He hates sharing and he likes taking toys from others :( yes we are having a rough patch with him but he is so dang cute I mean just look at his face and those big Blue eyes! And yes everyone wait for it he still has his Binky..... Now I know what you are all thinking and I know I should have taken it away a long time ago but I have had no desire to hear him all night crying and well I think because he is my baby still and my last that I have kind of just let him have it still, But this is the week that the Binky Fairy will come down and swoop up all his favorite Binkys and whisk them away!!!!
I will keep you all posted on how this goes but I figure with all his tantrums and screaming anyways why not just add to that and get this out of the way too..... And he can still have his Blanky which he takes every where and cant sleep without...... What can I say I have babied him a little to much and he is now such a momma's boy, And Nate thinks he is wimpy and is going to grow up to be a softy, But I think he will toughen up once I put him in sports...... I hope!
Well Happy Birthday Forde we all love you so so much!

Yes he is naked well except shoes.... He had gotten all dirty and i had to take clothes off him which is when he decided his diaper was no good since it was really wet!

This is the master piece Nate and I came up with when the cake stuck to the pan and it didn't come out in the Race Car cake I was hoping for... But we made it work and it was oh so yummy!

This is one of his fav toy's and he could lay on the floor for hours playing with cars or anything with wheels on it!

This was his first Halloween when he was Elvis.... I still think this was the best costume ever so I had to add this in!

Friday, April 16, 2010

St. Patricks day, Easter and more :)

I know I am yet again a little behind but what can I say I am a Mommy and I have kids :) Well these past 2 months have flown by we have had lots of fun times and enjoyed the holidays with friends and family! Last Saturday my sister and I raised money and participated again in the Walk to find a cure for MS, It was the perfect day and our families came out to show there Support and walk with us I would like to thank all of you who supported me and donated to this great cause... It holds a special place in my heart since my Mom has MS and I see first hand how it affects her....
The kids are doing great and having tons of fun especially with this great weather!
Kylan: Ky is such a great little girl I could not have asked for a better daughter she is so funny, Right now we are practicing her Princess part for her school play and she has been really in to collecting bugs lately (don't ask me why) She is doing great in school and loves to talk and be Social.... Oh and she starts SoftBall in May she does Soccer but this is her first year doing this so we will see how it goes.....

Lundyn: My little Lundy Loo is Amazing as you all know she is doing Great in school and she is learning so many things she knows all her letters when she sees them she can read words you write some at least and she can Sign all of her colors... Even though she cant speak she is one smart cookie and she knows it :-)

Forde: Well my baby boy is not so much my baby anymore he is going to be 2 next week and I can hardly believe it he is dang cute and funny,Oh and he has hit the terrible 2's a little early but all in all he is great and is all boy very rough and loves to be outside in dirt and play with his cars all Day!

Nate: My awesome Husband is doing wonderful as well his business is taking off to be a lot bigger than even I thought it would and he is such a great worker and with out him I would not be able to be a stay at home Mom so for that I am Grateful :) Oh and we just had our 9 Year anniversary.... Yay I cant believe it has been that long.... Still the best decision I ever made!

Me: I am also hanging in there helping out at the kids schools taking Forde out to play with friends and spending time with some friends and other Mommies... Trust me when you are a Mom and have kids you need that really you do, I am trying to figure out what I want to do I love being a Mom but there are other things I also want to do I really want to go back to school and I cant figure out what I want to do I really want to do Culinary School but the hours are to many its mon-fri and I cant swing it with Forde and if I do night classes than I am gone when the girls get home and I hate missing out on anything with my kiddo's..... Then I kinda want to go to Weber and just get started and maybe take a few classes here and there until Forde is in school and I know what I want to do I want to a Counselor I want to work with kids who have Drug and Alcohol addictions (this is something that is also very close to my heart since I am a recovering drug addict my self and lived in a rehab in Salt Lake city which is where I found myself and who I really am that place and those counselors saved my life well and my great family to which I could never repay, and for that reason I have this passion to do the same for others but am still so undecided about it because of how long it would take me to get there... and lets face I am not getting any younger :) So if any of you out thereare Mommies and have gone to school where did you go and how was it and any advice???
Ok ok I know you are all dying to see some pic's of my awesome fam so here goes:

St. Patricks Day!

Lundyn eating all by herself and doing a very good job.... Oh they grow up fast:(

Dont ask me why Forde likes me to wrap him up and let the girls hold him.... LOL kinda funny
Here is Forde and his buddy Bastian!
Forde getting into my stash of circus peanuts...... LOL

MS walk.....

Ok and my kids in there Easter outfits and all that good stuff is not downloaded to my computer yet so I will post those soon :) Thanks all for checking out my post!