Thursday, February 26, 2009


  Does anybody remember this show? Oh my gosh I loved this show when I was little I remember watching all the time with my sister... I came across something the other day about this and decided to google it.. I found a few episodes online you can watch... so funny. I am going to have Nate try and download some of the episodes and get them on disc so my kids can watch it, such a great old classic show...  

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ok the snow up here is getting way out of control now I am so sick of the dang snow now I could scream.... Serious I want Spring to come so bad I can almost see a glimpse of it coming.. Or not...since I can barely see over my deck anymore... :(

Yes this is my Deck... Crazy isnt it? I thought so.
since I cant even open the door with out snow piling in the house.

 Kylan grabbed my phone and thought it would be funny to take my picture outside trying to get the snow off the satellite I know I know I look so beautiful.

I just thought that Tree looked so pretty...
Ok Snow I am done with you so heres to hoping this is the end!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines day and a busy week!

 This week was fun I love Valentines Day with all the fun and cute decorations and school parties and it seems to make everyone more happy.... I am so glad that February is almost over because that means it is getting closer to Spring and I am have major Spring Fever :) I cant wait to get out there and go walking and jogging outside instead of just the gym and letting the kids get outside and run and play they are really getting tired of the snow as well.... 

        Lundyn and all her Valentines from her friends... She was so excited to show me when she                                                             got home!

      Ky she also was pretty dang happy with the treats she got... She is so funny I went to her class party (I went to Lundyns Christmas Party I have to trade off between the two of them) and she is just how I was... she loves to sit and talk to all the boys. Her teacher said she plays with the boys most of the time. I am afraid for her to become a teenager she is by far my most challenging child right now so its bound to be tough when she gets older too, But maybe not. Now I have a huge respect for my parents dealing with me :)

                                                      Some of the Loot!

   Heres my little man Forde on Valentines Day waking up from his nap.... He will not sleep without a pillow if you try to lay him down without one he screams.... And he is so attached to his Binky its hard to try and get him to take it out for any pictures I was trying to ween him off of it a little at a time but I couldn't do it he would just cry so I gave in we will try again in month or so maybe....

 Oh Ky wanted me to post this it was 100 day at school also this past week.

    Then this is what Nate surprised me with I have been wanting one so bad and I finally asked Maria to make me one and I was just going to get it But to my surprise my wonderful Hubby got it for me and gave it to me before he took me out... Now I am not a fan of flowers never have been so this was perfect... He is such an amazing guy he really is such a sweetheart he works so hard for our family and even though I wish he didnt work so much I know he does it for us and he is a great Dad.... Thanks Babe for a great V-Day!
  (if any of you are interested in getting a watch my friend makes them...  They are so cute and not very expensive check out her website she has lots of cute and different styles.)

Monday, February 9, 2009