Monday, September 22, 2008

Scentsy Party!!!

I am having a scentsy party Tuesday, September 30th. Hosted by myself and Maria Kendall is the consultant. If there is anyone who would like to attend it is going to be from 6:00-8:00 pm (open house) It will be at my house email me if you would like to come and join us:) and I will give my address and directions to my house. It is going to be fun and with the holidays coming up they make great gifts. I absolutely love my scentsy! Feel free to bring friends and family too.. Hope you all can make it.

p.s for those of you who are not able to make it but would like to purchase some things
you can order online from when you get to her website just click on her events and go to where lori's party is listed and you can order from there....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why do kids lie?

   So my question to all of you is why do kids lie? Seriously do they think we dont know and that they can get away with everything? Well I know my kids do.... It seems evrytime I ask what happened Ky will say it wasnt me or I didnt do it and alot of the blame gets pushed onto Lundyn since she can not tell me anything. I always am wondering what really happens when they are alone down stairs and I cant see them or always hear them. I mean honestly I cant constantly be with them watching them. 
    And even though little Lundyn cant talk she trys to get away with all sorts of things, she is very smart. I will ask her to try and show me what happened or ask her a simple question and yes she to sometimes trys to get away with lying. So Nate had an idea to get a wireless camera hook it up in the basement and connect it either to my computer or my Iphone so no matter where I am at I can see what goes on. I didnt think I would even use it that much but it has been quite handy, The first time I logged into it and was watching them Ky was down stairs blowing her flute, and Lundyn got mad because she didnt want her to blow it so she went and sat in the chair and covered her ears. Well Ky didnt like that to much (probably because she demands every second for someone to watch her) so she threw the flute right at Lundyn head, Yes I witnessed this as I am running down the stairs with Lundyn crying I go to ask Ky what happened and she automatically goes onto say I didnt even do anything, Ok I caught her right there and when I told her I saw everything and I knew exactly what she did her face was PRICELESS. Yes I had a hard time keeping a strait face because I was angry as anyone would be especially when I saw the 2 welts on Lundyns face from the flute but also because she was stunned at how I knew everything and couldnt understand how. 
    It feels good to know that I have all this power its crazy I feel so excited about all this. And I just would like to know why kids all kids seem to think they can get away with things, and yes there was even a time I also thought I could get away with things. 

Friday, September 19, 2008


                                     (seriously I could not find a vase....)

  Ok so my sweet hubby surprised me with flowers today when he came home :) 
  I was totally not expecting it and it really made my day, I was so tired and just having an ok day and so he thought he would be nice and buy me flowers.... I can not tell you how much I love and appreciate Nate, and how I have no idea what I would do with out him and all his support. He is always there for me and the kids and I know I can always count on him... Thanks babe for making my day!!!! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ky is so funny:)

   OK so today when I was walking Ky home from the bus stop she was telling me about school which she usually does.... here is our conversation...
   Mom... did you have fun at school? 
   Ky.... Oh yes I had so much fun with my friends.
   Mom.... Really what did you do?
    Ky.... Well we worked on letters and then I played with my best friend.
   Mom.... Well who is your best friend?
   Ky..... Logan 
         (he is a boy in her class and her primary class also)
   Mom..... Oh thats nice honey...
   Ky..... Um Mom I have a secret but I dont want to tell
   Mom.... Why not?
   Ky... because you will laugh
    Mom... I wont laugh I promise and I wont tell anyone else I promise....
    (ok she wont know I told the whole blogging community since she cant read and its cute and funny so I had to post it)
    Ky... Well ok Logan is actually my boyfriend to he just doesn't know yet, and today I gave 
him a kiss on the cheek and my friend said he probably loves me now...
   Mom... Oh wow really well I am glad you have a best friend, 
    Ky... and you can not tell Logans Mommy... please
    Mom.... I wont I promise   ;)

  Ok now I know some of you think I am betraying her trust but I really thought this was so cute and it reminds me so much of how I was at her age (scary)! I totally remember me and Maria kissing boys (all innocent)  in kindergarten and having boy friends... 
    Now I am realizing all to well that she is growing up so fast and she is no longer my baby girl!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time flies!!!

  Well I know it has at least been a good couple of weeks since my last post. I have been so busy and the time seems to slip by with out me even knowing. Well the last 2 weeks the girls have been going to school and loving every minute of it. Ok and I love it to... LOL   It has been so nice to spend time with my baby, especially since he is growing like a weed and I cant stop it no matter what I do.  Well I guess I should do the fam update,                                                                         Nate has been working very hard as always and he is doing so well, things couldn't be better for us with NR.... all though it would be nice to see him just a little more often. I mean all in all he is home for all major events and some extra time here and there, Ok I see him more now than I used to maybe I am just really needy. I am so happy that I have such a hard working husband who supports us and is such a good daddy he is the coolest and funniest guy I know, I literally laugh at him every single day and he always makes me smile. 
      Kylan is so smart she knows alot more than I would think a child who is almost 6 would know, she loves school and for some reason has all boy friends and she prefers it that way.  (taking after her mom I guess....)  She is way excited for halloween and has decided to be Dorthy this year.
      Lundyn also loves school this year she gets so excited when she sees her bus  coming to pick her up at our house. Today we had her appointment at Primary children's I love the hospital but hate the drive. Luckily we don't have to go there to much anymore, She had more botox shots in her legs and she did really well she doesn't even cry such a brave little girl, And they gave her a new medicine for her mouth hopefully this will help out more , Oh and she also can't wait for halloween she is going to be a witch. 
  So I guess thats about all we are all pretty happy and all doing great!!!