Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"The Message"

This Book was Amazing! That is all I can say about it.... The Message by Lance Richardson!
I really enjoyed this book so much I guess I just always thought things would be like that when we pass on and it really helped me know that this life is so short and there are so many things to be done here on earth while we are here, The biggest one SERVICE...... I cant say enough about how we all need to serve one another and love one another My goal for 2010 is to do something everyday for someone else Big or small for family, friends, neighbors, Or even strangers in need..... some kind of SERVICE! I am so excited about it and I am excited to get my family involved I really want my kids to know and see first hand how doing acts of service or kindness not only helps others but will bless your own life as well.....


As of today my Lundyn is doing Great she hasn't had to have more Botox for a while in her legs because it has worked so good and only has to wear her braces a few times per week (which we are bad at since she hates them...) Still has trouble holding things like spoons forks ect to eat with but we are getting better at it and Yes she is keeping her glasses on :) YAY! She is doing great in school and we love her teachers and therapists they are amazing and just really wonderful. Oh and she is also getting better with her straw to drink with... Maybe one day we will be done with sippy cups all together.... Oh and she is getting better at going potty she hardly has any accidents during the day or at school so she has been wearing Big Girl underwear the last 2 days only Pull ups when we leave the house... and at night, This is Huge everyone we are so proud of her and she is very Proud of herself also.....

Ok isn't she the cutest little girl ever! I am doing a post today all about Lundyn.... Mainly I am doing this because today was kinda a hard day for us, Most days are good and some are not so great..... I cant tell you all how much I love her and how I believe she is a little Angel sent to us from Heaven, But there are days I get so frustrated with her and everything she has to go through..... When she has a bad day you know trust me you know She gets very upset and crys and screams and she will Bite and hit, And you just never know what will set her off such as Loud Noises she hates them, Planes Trucks Loud Music ect.... Well I dont know what happened today but the poor thing just was not content at all and she was very unhappy Some days I just wish she could talk so she can tell me exactly what she needs and what is wrong.
Sometimes I almost forget she is handicap and that she isn't going to be able to certain things like other kids... Today I gave her a big bowl of oatmeal and I was stressing because I was in a rush I completely spaced off the fact I had set it down in front of her when I knew very well I had to feed her and I walked away to get something for Forde well needless to say it was everywhere in her hair on the floor on her shirt and I was even more upset than before and I couldnt understand why she would try and eat it herself, Well I did set it there and I just need to take a deep breath and a step back and remember that she has special needs and its not her fault she acts and does things sometimes....
Now normally I am very good about it and I can handle just about anything but its been a day. Next she wanted to play the nintendo ds like Ky does so I let her hold it a pretend to play it since she isnt able to do it which seems to satisfy her but I got a little sad today because I watch Ky play hers and read the things on it and I wonder if she will ever be able to read or even have the mobility in her fingers to press the buttonos and play a game like that.... I am just wanting my kids all of them to have everything life has to offer them and I just worry about her so much that kids will be mean to her and even now kids will stare at her if she gets excited or anything when we are out because she jumps and has cute (funny) little poses and she screams with Joy... Most kids dont understand and I have to remind myself that often....
Anyways to get the point I was just needing to get some built up frustration out and now she is happy again and content so we are all good.... I am so thankful for her and wouldn't change her even if I could she is the best and my little Angel, and she is the sweetest most accepting girl you will ever meet.... Our Fam wouldn't be the same with out her and her sweet spirit!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Catch up!

Ky and Lundyn turn 7!

Yes I have once again let time slip away from me.... The last couple of months have been so much fun from Halloween and The girls Birthday and then Thanksgiving.... Oh and then we have all been so sick for like the last month off and on but we are all feeling better now and ready for Christmas.
This year has been really hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit, I did not expect to be in the situation we are in right now and I didn't expect to be where we are either.... I will be honest in saying it has been a HUGE struggle and I have put a lot of pressure on myself and Nate to fix things and I have put Blame on people and refused to forgive certain people for things they did to help put us in this situation and I was reading my scriptures the other night and had a Talk with Nate and I realized that by me focusing on all the negative things and not forgiving it is only hurting myself and Heavenly Father wouldn't want me to drag this on he would want me to forgive and forget and move on...... So that's what I am doing I am not going to say anything bad anymore and I am going to be positive and Grateful for everything we still have and for our families who have helped us times of need... I dont know where we would be without our great families..... And I dont know where I would be without the gospel and my Heavenly Father in my life, I would be lost..... Ok Ok now here are some pics of things.....
This picture is my Dad, I just thought I would add this in because he is the greatest Dad ever.... He is always there for me and he is the funnest Grandpa, My kids just love going over to see there Grandpa.... I talk to him just about everyday and he still is always concerned about me and everything that goes on in my life I guess I am still like his little girl :) Thanks Dad you are the best!
Ky at her Halloween Party in her class.....

Lundyn at her party!
Forde in his new suit!
Me and the girls on there Birthday.... My babies turned 7!!!!!

I have lots more pics from Thanksgiving I have yet to download so I will try and do that before Christmas so I am all caught up... We will see though ;)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Well I know once again I have not done a great job on the blog, But I am making it a goal to update at least twice a month... So we will see how it goes! Lots has happened and is going on we are always busy it seems with something going on, The girls are in 1st grade this year and loving every minute of it... They are still at different schools but we have certainly managed to deal with that and I actually think its good for them both to be on there own.
Ky is doing so good in her class and is reading better all the time she does have a teeny tiny problem with talking a bit to much but all in all a great student.
Lundyn is doing much better now with the new meds her Dr put her on and is now able to be her happy self again and actually enjoy things :) and that makes one happy Mom... She is still in therapy each week and is really coming a long way She has to get new leg braces again because her feet grow so quickly and I really need to better about her wearing them I tend to give in to her when she wont put them on....
And Yes Forde is still growing and getting bigger he is 33.5 pounds and I love every inch of him he is starting to get a really bad temper and he is a little spoiled but being the baby and so much younger than the girls its hard not to spoil him. We have had a rough few months and we are still going through some of those rough times but we are managing to handle them and we are closer and stronger because of them and things are not always as bad as they may seem at the time and things can always be worse so I am staying positive, And I can honestly say when I read my scriptures and really pray and let it all out when I do things are so much easier and I am trying along with Steph and some of the fam to get through the BOM by the end of the year so anyone who wants to join in please do.... Now here are some pics of the family over the past few weeks EnJoY!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WOW! Long time and lots has happened.....

Well I cant believe it is September already it has gone by super fast..... I just wanted to update all my fellow bloggers about the happenings of our life, I am still Alive even though I havnt posted anything recently, As most of you know it has been a very challenging and Crazy last few months. I wont go into detail just yet because I am short on time and quite frankly it doesn't need to be retold But for those of you who do not know I ended up staying in Utah and we are doing good and getting things back to normal for the most part!
I feel very blessed for my children in my life and the gospel because with out that I dont know if I would have made it through a lot in my life. I have so many pic's to post of the kids starting school and just some fun events and I will try to post those in the next couple days.... I hope everyone is doing good out there and enjoying the weather... Stay tuned for pic's! :-)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nate in Washington DC

Nate and his business partners were out doing an inspection on a new property they were putting under contract. That's exactly the kind of place I've dreamed of living my whole life.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ya it's been a while!

                                      Me and the kids on Father's Day!

 Ok Ok I know I have been a major slacker in the blogging area, I have been so busy and simply a tad bit lazy if I am being honest... LOL. Anyways to get started on the happenings of our life.. Well the girls finished Kindergarten and will be in 1st grade next year, I cant believe how big they are getting. Lundyn is still in summer school which is going good. Kylan has spent 99% of the summer outside collecting bugs. Potato bugs, lady bugs and Slugs yes We have slugs under our trees and rocks and she loves them.... (yuck) 
    and Little Forde (well not so little he is a whoppin 31 pounds now) But anyways he is becoming more and more fun by the day he is running everywhere and into everything... He can say Mama, Dada, Papa and cookie. He is also getting quite the temper.... But all in all he such a sweet little guy. And Nate well he has been gone for a few weeks now and is doing well very busy  getting the business up and running but has been working so hard... I am very lucky to be married to such a hard worker who takes such good care of us, and well me I have been having a very hard time with him gone :( Really the first week I was a wreck the day after he left Forde got the flu which he gave to me and I have never been so sick in my life, it was horrible and with Nate gone that just topped it all off... I miss him soooooooooooo much I can hardly stand it I mean I am used to him traveling and working mad crazy hours but this is so much different, He doesn't come home at all and it is hard, But with my fam keeping me busy and sane I am doing much better and he will be home the first week in August to take my car out to MD and then I will be flying out with the kiddo's. 
      So now that you are all caught up I will post some pic's for you all to enjoy... 

                                                Playing in the back yard...

                                                 The next Hanna Montanna!

                                                And last week we went to the lake with the cousins.

                                           As you can see we all had a good time there;) 
   and thats only a few pic's from the summer so far and I will post many more after the 4th of 

Friday, May 8, 2009


   Yes it is true we are moving, and yes across the country to MaryLand..... I am scared and excited all at the same time. I have never lived away from my family before or even out of the Layton area before. I am looking forward to new experiences and hopefully new friends, I will miss everyone dearly and I know our families will sure miss us. But we will come and visit as often as we can. I know some of you thought we were going to Texas and that was the original plan but the way things worked out MaryLand was a better choice for us. Has anyone been there before? Does anyone know of any cool places to go and see there? or any advice? I will be here for most of the summer I dont think I am going out until the first week of August, But Nate will most likely be going much sooner... So maybe I will plan a huge BBQ and we can all get together before we leave. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Forde turns 1!

  Ok so I am a little behind on the blogging but I have been super busy or so it seems... Well my baby turned 1 year old on the 25th... it was bittersweet I was sad because he is my last baby (well according to me, Nate still has hope that I will change my mind and have 1 more) But so excited because he is getting to be so much more fun and active and I just love this age when they are discovering new things.  He has been such a joy in our family Ky and Lundyn just love him so much and they really help out alot to Lundyn loves to sit and play with him and give him kisses and hugs and Ky loves to help me feed him and change him, I am not sure how long that will continue but its nice for now. 
  He sleeps about 12 hours a night with 2 naps still unless he is teething then its not so much.  He looks exactly like Nate and he is such a Momma's boy, I really enjoy it most of the time until he wont let me get anything else done.  Here are pic's from the party!

                                                      Papa and Forde!

               He didnt know what to think of his cake at first.. But he definitely figured it out.

                                His favorite toy! He has played with that everyday since his Birthday.

                            His dinosaur cake..... Now I usually make the kids Bday cake but I was way to busy this time to make it so I bought one from Target and it turned out cute. 

                     Forde's 1 year stat's
          Weight 28.5 pounds ( Still off the charts)
           Height 32.5 inch in the 85 th %
          Cant remember head but it is in the 80th % Huge...
He has 12 teeth Yes you read right 12 and 2 molars coming in right now.... Crazy huh! He can take a few steps but he prefers to crawl and he likes to walk around all the furniture in the house... I think he will start walking any time now. He is such a good baby and is almost always happy... We just love our little Forde... 

     M.S. Walk... we also the morning of his Birthday went and did the M.S walk it was so awesome to go with my whole family... It was pouring rain and freezing but it was good to know that all those people are trying to make a difference and find a cure.... My Mom has M.S and so did my Grandma, and it was a great opportunity to try and do something good for this cause I can only hope they will find a cure for all those people who are suffering from this. And to my wonderful Mom who has always been there for me and who I get to spend so much time with each week you are the best and I will miss you so much when we move and miss all of lunches and shopping.....  here is a picture from that morning.... 

        We also had shirts made for all the kids that said We walk for our Grandma... They were cute but it was so cold that they had sweatshirts over them..... 
    Ok now I am making the blog private on Saturday so if you havnt left me a comment yet with your email address go ahead and let me know if you would like an invite... 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


  OK I have decided to go private on my blog... I was watching Oprah and it kinda freaked me out after watching it and seeing how people can take pic's and stuff from your websites of your kids... I just dont want to take any chances and I really want to keep my Blog so I can make a book out of it and share it with family and friends....
     So if you would like to keep checking out our family blog let me know leave me your email address and I will send you an invite, and really I have looked at peoples blogs that I know that I dont necessarily talk to anymore I just like to see how they are doing and there cute families so dont be shy here if you have taken a peek at my blog and would like to continue let me know... 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter weekend...

  This year we had a wonderful Easter..... The whole Fam was together (bruce's) The last couple of years Haley and Steph were not with us so it was really fun with every one. The kids had an easter egg hunt on Saturday and had a blast then we hung out with every one that day and Sunday... We also managed to squeeze in family pic's which I will post later this week.... ( Thanks to Steph of course) Then we also had some family fun with my parents and sister and there fam.... We have been so lucky to live so close to our families for so long... I know there may be changes in the very near future but I feel very lucky that our kids always so far have gotten to be around grandparents and family......  So here are a few photo's from the weekend and I will try to post our family pic's as soon as I can...

Here is part of the fam and Forde is on Papa's lap which is the only picture I got of him this whole weekend... I am a bad Mom... ;)
and here us all the loot from the hunt.. and some of the cousins.... 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lundyn's School Program!

  This last week we went to Lundyn's School program.... She is in a class with only 5 kids but once everyday she gets to go into the regular kindergarten class for about 30 min or so and they wanted her to preform with them,  It was so cute they sang 2 songs and even though she cant sing she knew all the actions and did them so well and all the other kids just love her so much... I am so proud to her momma... She makes everyday exciting :)

 As you can see she is in the front row in a rainbow shirt... Her teacher sent me a note home that said all the kids needed to wear a color of the rainbow shirt... Me being kinda slow to pick up on things sometimes thought that meant a rainbow colored shirt... So yes everyone else had a solid color on and she had all the colors which really made her stand out good.. I couldn't stop laughing..... 

Friday, April 3, 2009

"8 Years"

Well 8 years ago today I was married to the most amazing man ever... I can not even tell you how grateful I am to have Nate as a husband and how lucky our kid's are to have him for a Dad... He has been so wonderful and has always taken great care of us.... I know I will never go a day without laughing at something he has said or done.. He is the funniest person I know. I actually met Nate 13 years ago I was a sophomore and he was a senior and we dated for a bit in high school of course he was head over heels in love with me but he wont admit to that... LOL And I always knew I wanted to marry this man I always thought about him when he was on his mission and when he got home... I am so grateful for everything again that he does. Babe I love you so much. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  Well I love holiday's any kind of a holiday when I can decorate get the kids a festive outfit.. Or make a yummy themed meal:) The kids love it when we do stuff like this. They get so excited... So here are some pic's from today.

My 2 funny girl's... They really make me laugh everyday! They both had class parties and were super excited to show off there shirt's.

Here is my little guy... he is the sweetest little boy ever.. He is so snugly and he always give's me hug's and he will lick me I think he thinks it is a kiss because he will do it after I kiss him every time.  I absolutley love every minute with him and I really cherish our one on one time when the girls are at school. He is growing to fast. He will be 1 next month.

This is a mini Banana Cream Pie ( I know it looks really weird green but it still was so yummy...

 Here are our festive dinner plates and cup's...

Mmmmmmm...... We had BBQ Chicken, pea's, Pasta salad, Green Jello, Green Koolaid and Sprite...  Oh ya and The green pie... :) (the best part in my opinion)

My Boy's... They are so darn cute!

This picture makes me laugh I am not sure what she was doing here but this is her hat she made at school today and she came home and said look I have a red beard like Daddy... This is true :) So hope you all had a happy St. Patrick's day!