Friday, November 28, 2008


 This year was yet another busy day we started off by having Thanksgiving dinner at Cyd's house with my family, and then later going to Nates fam's house to have more dessert and make ginger bread houses... This was my first year I made homemade ginger bread I was so excited.... Here are some random pictures of the day :) enjoy!

   We actually started off the day by going on a walk down the street from our home its the prettiest walk way right by hobs pond. I love it there We put the camera on auto and took some fam pic's minus Forde who was sleeping in the stroller...

            Look at my little chubby man!!!! Oh he is the most sweetest little guy ever...
We had such a great Thanksgiving and are so grateful we were able to spend it with the both families we are so blessed for all of them. 

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Birthday Party and drama....

Today we had the girls birthday party they will be 6 on tuesday, the 25th... They have been excited about this party for so long now and woke up early to help me decorate.... All was going well until......... Kylan was running towards me slipped and fell and hit her chin and cut it open on the corner of the tile stairs. So Nate had to run her into the dr's to get all stitched up... Well she is ok but she ended up missing the entire party and got back for only the last 10 minutes :( I tried to wait but when you have all these kids start coming you kinda have to start the event. I think Lundyn kinda enjoyed having the spotlight all to her self....  :)

       Yes I made this cake... and I know it kinda looks like a little kid did this right? But for me it                                                                 was pretty dang good.

                                                      One of the birthday girls.


                 And finally Ky has arrived (the other Bday girl!) with her wounded chin... 
               Except you cant see it since it is underneath her chin...

 A Big thanks to Kelsie for getting the pizza last minute and helping out.... (since Nate was with Ky) Thanks everyone we all had a great time!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast!

Today we went to Ky's school for her Thanksgiving Feast and I took a few pic's of the event....
Ky and her class made indian hats to wear and the parents had to wear Pilgrim hats it was so cute and the kids all had a good time. Ky didnt feel good at all but she was such a good sport she wanted to go so bad to this feast and have Nate and I there so we went and took her home with us after.

Hve you ever seen two pilgrims that are as cool as us?

Ky and Logan!

Ky's class preforming there Thanksgiving Day song. I really wish I would have recorded this, But I didnt get it ready in time. They did a really good job though :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sweet Heart Tag!

Nate and Dan at the NRU event in Dallas Tx

* How long have you  been married? 7 1/2 years 

  *How long did you date? Well we met in highschool when I was a sophomore and he was a senior at NorthRidge and we dated for a bit then and he totally was whooped over me :) And then we kinda went our seperste ways he went on a mission and we started dating after he got home and the rest is history.... we married April 3, 2001

 *how old is he? 30
 *who is taller? He is

 *who sings the best? Nate I have no talent at all and he is an awesome singer he also plays the guitar the kids love it when he does.

 *who is smarter? Definitely Nate he is always learning and if he wants to know something he will find it out he is constantly reading about something new.

 *who pays the bills? Both mostly him

 *who does the laundry? Me 

 *who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Nate

 *who mows the lawn? Well Nate does mostly but I dont mind doing it sometimes.

 *who cooks dinner? Me

 * who is the first to admit they are wrong? um I think it is a tie we are both kinda stubborn :)

 *who kissed who first? Nate kissed me in HS on my couch.

 *who wears the pants? I also think its a tie we both are in control certain times but I usually end getting what I want :)

I tag: Cheryl S, Kimmy C, Heather ,Cami F...

Saturday, November 8, 2008


This is what I want more than anything for Christmas :) Oh I am secretly hoping Nate sees this post and gets this for me it is the 4th season of the show..... My most favorite show ever, well this and WWE of course.... The new season doesn't start until the end of January and I am dying I have to have this....

Friday, November 7, 2008


So we got this movie and it came with 3d glasses and the girls love this movie and they were so serious watching it wearing there glasses that I thought I would snap a shot of them.... 

   Forde kept looking over at them and smiling he probably didnt know why they were wearing those things on there faces....  It was pretty funny I guess you just would have needed to be here to see how funny it really was  :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thankful Month!

  Ok so every November I go through the same things..... I get so overwhelmed and BUSY! This month is by far the busiest month of my whole year well and December, I have the girls Birthday and planning and preparing there party is always alot of work, Then there is Thanksgiving and having 2 families to try and see, we do switch off every other year so that makes it nicer but we do still try to see both which makes it a long and very tiring holiday sometimes I wish the holidays were just more relaxing :) But I cant complain since we have family to celebrate with. 
                              And then I get stressed out because I am always trying to get Christmas shopping done this month as well, and Yes I am one of those people who love the after Thanksgiving day sales, I wake up and leave around 5 am and make a day of it. And it always stresses me out also because of all the people and crowds which I hate..... But yet year after year I still end up going, and every year I swear I will have all my shopping done by October and then relax the last 2 months of the year but that NEVER happens... So as I was sitting down today for the little time I had to sit, I was thinking about all the things I had to get done and then it dawned on me I really should be focused this month on things I am Thankful for Right?
   I mean that is why we celebrate Thanksgiving after all and I really dont think about all that I have to be thankful for as much as I should and that it shouldnt be just This time of the year we think about that. This whole Holiday season we should try and have the holiday spirits in our homes and hearts. 
    I love this time of the year and I just would like to take a minute to say that I am so extremly Thankful for my family all of them My Husband Kids, My sister and in laws and especially my Mom and Dad they are the best and they do so much for me and are always so supportive and I know they would do just about anything for me and my Family, And My kids just love them so much. So I guess my challenge to all of you and myself is to everyday this season stop and think about all that you and I have to be Thankful for and really what this season is all about... 

Saturday, November 1, 2008


   Here are some pic's of our fun Halloween.....
Mine and Cyd's kids...

Ky's class party...

 Cyd and I decided to dress up :)
Ok this is really cyd's outfit from back in high school and she still
fits in it... (how Lucky)

Lundyn, Papa, Forde, Zion, Nana and Haley 

Me and Haley!

Forde... He is dang cute!

 And yes we even got to spend Halloween with 
Gene Simmons!

So all in all it was a great, fun and exhausting  Halloween...
Also we missed Daddy (Nate) but we got lots of pic's for him:)
And hopefully next year he will be home!