Saturday, August 4, 2007

Dallas, Texas

Down Town Dallas

I'm wrigting this post because somhow I screwed up the blog and Lori had an entire posting for our visit to Dallas which was erased.-Nate

We had been planning this trip for months, and it was finally time. We flew out on Friday the 20th. We were talking to the gentlemen next to us on the plain and we was telling us about all the sites to see. Dallas was like nothing we expected, it was very big, very flat and very green.

As soon as we picked up our rental we drove straight to Haley and Eric's place, after visting with Haley and Zion for a bit (Eric was working) We decided to head up to Steph and Dan's. We were pretty hungry so we decided to stop at Burger Street. Nate ended up having lengthy conversation with the Manager, once he told the gentlemen that we were from Utah, born and raised Mormon, the man wouldn't have it, he kept saying " nah.. nah.. you ain't Mo'men" Nate continued to insist that we were. His perception of what Mormons are must have been alot different from how we looked.

Plus Texas is chuck full of Water Towers, ever city seemed to have several of them, this is a picture in Dan and Stephs neighborhood in McKinney. You can see one of the McKinney Water Towers in teh distance.

McKinney has the Tallest Communications tower I had ever seen, it must have been at least 200' if not taller.

Dan and Steph were kind enough to let us stay with them in their new home. It was wonderful to wake up everymorning and see Locke aka lil'dan kicking it on the couch with his blanky and a sippy cup watching TV, while the rest of us were either sleeping or trying to wake up.

We spent almost an entire day in Downtown Dallas- From the grassy knowl where JFK was shot, the West end and then up the 55 stories to the top of Reunion Tower. The only way to see Dallas.

It was awesome to get away and spend time with Dan, Steph, Rob and Haley and Eric. Dallas woudn't be a bad place to live, we'll see what happens in the next year.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Our trip to the zoo..... June, 2007

Wow how time goes by. I can hardly believe summer is almost over. Well this June
we took the girls to the zoo. And Kylan and Lundyn loved it, I love how kids get so excited seeing animals, We also got to see the white alligator. Which was by far the coolest animal I have ever seen....

Thursday, July 26, 2007

5 years in the making

This is our first official family blog! 5 years ago we had a somewhat of a family website that Nate setup with pictures of the Twins after they were born. But it eventually fell to the wayside and was forgotten about. Now with half of Nate's family now living in Texas, Lori's brothers family living in Arizona and the rest of our family in Utah we thought it would be good to finally get this going, so that everyone can read about our deepest and darkest secret's, signs and combinations.