Wednesday, June 25, 2008


 Ok first of all I need to say I am super frustrated...This has been the longest week ever, First Lundyn gets the flu... yes the flu I mean who gets that in the middle of summer? And if any one is going to be sick she is the worst, mainly because she cant tell me when she has to throw up or even whats wrong so obviously she cant make it to the bathroom, so we had alot of cleaning up to do unless I was with her every minute. Then Nate my dear husband gets sick and yes he thinks he is going to die at the first sight if anything coming on, I mean seriously what is it with guys when they are sick they act like they cant even get out of bed but then us moms and women get sick and we have to get up and life goes on. 
                 Then if that wasn't  bad enough last night Ky came and told her tummy hurt and my first thought is oh Crap not her to, but yes she to had gotten the flu and threw up all over. And then I felt bad because i had gotten so upset that she threw up in her bed because she is old enough that she could get out of bed and make it to the bathroom, right? Well then I felt like the worst Mom because she was upset and crying, I think I was just so frustrated with all of the sickness. And to top it all off Forde has been so fussy this week that he screams at the top of his lungs unless I am constantly holding him. So I do have to give a big  Thankyou to Sonya for making me a wonderful baby sling, that I have no idea what I would do without it, what a life saver. ( in case any of you would like to take a peek at her amazing baby slings and stuff her website is
                   OK now for the worst part of all a couple of weeks ago I saw on the news that some of the files on patients had gotten stolen from university of utah hospital, and I didnt think anything of it I mean why should I we have never been there before. And at the time I wasn't  thinking about primary children's hospital being linked to that at all, and I should have since we do receive statements all the time from Lundyn and it always says UOU hospital on the statements. So I go out to get the mail today and there is a letter that says important document on it from UOU HOSP. So I open it up and I think I almost had a heart attack reading the letter which told me that out of 50 patients some of Lundyns documents were among those which were stolen. So yes I have been very stressed because not only do those  thieves have my address and phone number and who knows what else but Lundyns social security number. So I am so paranoid about this whole situation. Anyways I really just had to vent about my really bad week... 

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day!

 heres to you Steph and haley who were unable to be with us on Fathers Day.
and to anyone else who would just like to see the pics, We had a wonderful day it was great weather and the kids played outside the whole day. We definitely had a busy day trying to do two family parties is a lot but I wouldnt change it for anything we are so lucky to live so close to our families, We live right down the street from my sister and the other side of the highway down the street my parents live in there new place. Then all we have to do is drive a couple of minutes to get to Nates parents house to visit them and Kelsie. Yes I know we are spoiled and I love it, I know Nate would love to move out of Utah infact that is one of the things I think he plans to do quite soon, he may have to go alone because I dont feel like I could do it right now. But I guess where he goes I will to I always have. I do want Nate to know what an amazing Father he is to the kids I know it isnt easy for Dads alot of the time but he really loves being a Daddy. And I rely on him so much I dont know what I would do with out him, Its nice to know that I can always count on him to take over when he gets home from a long day at work to keep the kids busy so I can have a little break. I love you Babe!!!!

                          There's my Boy's!

   Our fathers Day Feast!   Mmmmmmm   RIBS, with corn on the cob. 

  Ok I know I look mad here, I wasn't I just hate getting my pic taken. You all know that.