Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  Well I love holiday's any kind of a holiday when I can decorate get the kids a festive outfit.. Or make a yummy themed meal:) The kids love it when we do stuff like this. They get so excited... So here are some pic's from today.

My 2 funny girl's... They really make me laugh everyday! They both had class parties and were super excited to show off there shirt's.

Here is my little guy... he is the sweetest little boy ever.. He is so snugly and he always give's me hug's and he will lick me I think he thinks it is a kiss because he will do it after I kiss him every time.  I absolutley love every minute with him and I really cherish our one on one time when the girls are at school. He is growing to fast. He will be 1 next month.

This is a mini Banana Cream Pie ( I know it looks really weird green but it still was so yummy...

 Here are our festive dinner plates and cup's...

Mmmmmmm...... We had BBQ Chicken, pea's, Pasta salad, Green Jello, Green Koolaid and Sprite...  Oh ya and The green pie... :) (the best part in my opinion)

My Boy's... They are so darn cute!

This picture makes me laugh I am not sure what she was doing here but this is her hat she made at school today and she came home and said look I have a red beard like Daddy... This is true :) So hope you all had a happy St. Patrick's day!

Friday, March 13, 2009

So Mad!!!!!!!!

  Ok There are a few things this week that have made me just so angry...... first I have had Tmobile for quite sometime I am talking years I am still under contract because of a new phone or something I dont know and I have been pretty satisfied for the most part... But I always seem to go over on my minutes, Mainly because my cell is used for my house phone ok to get to the point Nate calls them to see about different plans and the lady says they have an unlimited plan with text for $49.99 per month.... WHAT????? Why in the heck has no one ever told us about this... So I was pretty mad about that. Then I put Ky in T-Ball because she loves sports and then I thought since Lundyn is going to go to Summer school I would put Ky in a summer reading program, I mean she can read and is doing ok but is still a little behind some of the readers in her class so me thinking this will be good for her to get a boost and head start for first grade, So I call to find out more they had an opening and it is once a week for 5 weeks.... So I jumped at it especially when the lady said it was 60 dollars for the class and a small fee for the books and cd it comes with... So I give her my credit card info and she then sent me a confirmation email.. So about 10 minutes after I talked to her I checked my email and there it was... To my SHOCK they charged me a total of $352.00 I was freaking out and thought what a huge mistake they made so I immediately call back and get someone different and she tells me it is 60 dollars per class not for the whole time.... AHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT? I dont think the other lady was very clear about that... So when I tell her that I would rather not pay that much and I would like them to cancel my payment since seriously it was 15 minutes earlier she tells me I cant do that in order to get my money back and cancel I have to send in a written letter with my signature on it to some place in AZ and then with in 30-60 days receive my money back... I was fuming at this point I mean really it hasn't even come out yet so I hung up all upset... I tell Nate and he is also fuming mad... So after thinking about all the hassle I would have to go through to cancel I decide fine I will keep her in the dang class... and those books better be made out of GOLD.... Or she better be reading at like a 12 year old level and I am not kidding..... So ladies out there make sure you pay attention more than I do sometimes before you give out your CC info to pay for something.... LESSON LEARNED ... Trust Me!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

California-Disney Land!

So we are back from sunny California... and it was great I loved every minute of it and the weather was amazing like 80 degrees the first 2 days and in the 70's the other few... it did rain one day but for like only 30 minutes so all in all not bad.... But I did miss Lundyn and Forde :( Yes we did leave those 2 behind mainly because Forde is to little for Disney Land and well Lundyn depending on the day freaks out most sundays at church because of the loud noise or to many people or sometimes even going to the mall so we thought if we took her she wouldn't enjoy it as much as everyone else and we would most likely end up spending most of the time in the hotel...  Plus she has to have her own room when we travel so obviously that would have been hard... I felt so guilty at first but she didnt even understand where we were and had just as much fun with Nate's fam here.. plus she loved her gifts we brought back.. We went with my whole family so Kylan had some one on one time with Nate and I and also got to play with all the cousins so I really think she deserved that because here its sometimes hard for her to get that kind of time with the other 2 kids.. here are some pic's from the trip I will post a few because there are to many to post all of them! 
On the pier in Long Beach.. It was so pretty and the ocean was beautiful.

So we went here strait from the airport so I didnt put Ky in her swimsuit and I told her only put your feet in the water well we were walking and I turned around and next thing I know she was diving into the water laughing and splashing.. 

Ky and (cousin) Brendan..

cousins. Easton, Brendan, Hunter, Kylan, Chloe, and Faith.

This me and my Sister  Cyd and My brother Jeff... 

Cyd's Fam...

This was a singing group called the Daddio's They were really good!

We ate at Goofy's Kitchen I highly recommend this if you are going to Disney Land it was so much fun for the kids and the food was really yummy... 

Grandpa wearing the princess hat.. My Dad is so awesome!

 Nate and cousin Tyler (thanks for the Oranges from your tree they were yummy... Ok that's all the pic's I am going to post I have so many and cant possibly post all of them...