Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day #6 - Dresser Drawers

Day 6 I did more dresser drawers.... My girls share a closet and dresser and it is not very big room but there closet is a decent size so there dresser is in there Closet and so I ended up doing the dresser drawers and closet.... what a Project but I threw so much away and got a huge bag for the DI and I am one happy Camper right now!
and yes organized by each child in the drawers and sizes ect. and because I rearranged things in there a bit I have room for there clothes hamper to be in there as well!
now I am super embarrassed by the before pic's... Like I said Laundry and dressers are not my strong point and I usually ask the girls to put there own clothes away after all they are 8 and should certainly be able to do it Right? Wrong... you will see why in the picture below!!!

Ahhhhhhh..... Scary!
Again I can not blame this all on the girls I should have checked in there closet more often but I always check to make sure beds are made and that is usually about it!

"sigh" And so help me if they put one item of clothing on that floor after the amount of time it took me to get it looking this nice Well let's just say it wont be pretty ;)

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Maria said...

Looks good, I think they have a bigger closet then me! LOL