Sunday, December 28, 2008

Santa came and all the fun filled parties!

We had a wonderful Christmas... The kids were super excited, Especially Lundyn who woke up at 3:00 am and continued to wake up every hour until finally at 7:00 we let them get up. (needless to say I was freakin exhausted) But just the look on there faces and how happy they were made me forget just how tired I was.  Enjoy all the pictures!

Christmas Eve Speechly party!

Fordes first Christmas... He loved the wrapping paper but everything else he didnt even care about. This age they dont get it or understand.

Grandpa and Forde!

The kids in there matching Gap shirts!

 Nana testing out the new Camera!

Not really sure what Haley was doing here but thats a great picture.

Great Grandma Bruce and Santa... Look he Shaved!

Well I hope you all had a fantastic holiday as well.... and now to get ready for the New Year!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas time!

I love this time of the year all the holiday lights and music and yes I even love all the crazy shoppers... it is just so much fun.... Well lately I have been thinking lot about people who dont have alot and how very blessed we have been and so I thought what better way to show holiday spirit than to help others in need... Our neiborhood had a sub for santa type thing and we decided to go ahead and get some stuff for families in need and children and I cant tell you how good I felt after, knowing that all the stuff the whole area pitched in to get for people will help and go along way for them. I just think even if you only have very little to give it will make all the difference and I promise it will also make you feel so good as well. 

       We went to the lights on monday night with the fam and it was amazing hardley any people there at all, The kids had a great time. It isnt the greatest picture since I forgot our camera and I only had my phone...

   Well this one is a little late but a couple weeks ago we went and saw beauty and the beast play
It was really good I saw it the week before with the girls from the ward so we thought we would take the girls well Zion and Kylan Loved it but unfortunately Lundyn was not about to stay, You know sometimes it hit and miss with her you just never know if it will be a good day or a bad day... But I feel like thats how it is for most people... :)  So if I dont get around to posting anything else soon because i am super busy have a Merry Christmas......