Sunday, January 30, 2011

" I am back "

Ok for all those who are still indeed following my blog even though I never update you are all my favorite's :) Hahaha.... But really I mean I know I am a slacker and I have not put forth the effort I need to in blogging which is my goal this New Year To blog a good 2-3 times per month I guess I kinda want to because I am not great at keeping a journal and this is my way to update things that are happening in life and keeping a record of things!
So you all need to encourage me to keep at this just go ahead and leave me a little comment and say something like "you can do it" or I absolutely love reading about your way exciting life.... JK
Anyways Life has been going on as we know it the girls are in the second half of 2nd grade.... Can you believe it, and Forde will be 3 in April.... Not to mention I will be 30 next month and my 10 year anniversary is in 2...... This year is Huge for me! Also I have decided to go back to school I am not starting until Fall semester and I am very nervous about this but I know I can do this after all I am Super Multi tasking Mom..... Since Forde will be starting Preschool I thought here is my chance I am going to start off slow maybe 2 or 3 classes online and take it from there..... I have decided what I want to do, It was a toss up between Culinary school (which I would still love to take a cooking class here or there just for fun if anyone knows of any) or Social work (working with teens who have drug and Alcohol problems) this is what I chose...... Now like I said in recent posts I am passionate about this because I myself am a recovering Addict and lived in Rehab and had the most amazing Counselors ever.... Which has inspired me to pay it forward and this is what I am passionate about!
Now I am a little discouraged with all the work and years this might take to get through but after talking to Nate about how many older students are going back to school I felt better and hey this is something I can most likely do for a long time even after my kids are out of school and older so I am convinced this is for me! I have really thought long and hard and prayed for help making this decision and I am content with it!
I have also found a great website for Family Home Evening lessons they are fun and are geared toward older and younger children and I am so excited to do these lessons the website is Check it out they are planned out for a year and have cute Spiritual / Holiday messages mixed in, to make them more fun and interesting for the kids.... I also have received a new calling I am over Enrichment activities for Relief Society I can honestly say this is the last calling I would have wanted and never thought I would be called for this but I am up for the challenge and since I never make it to relief society because I am either in Primary with Lundyn or Nursery with Forde this will give the chance to meet more people..... Ok now here are my 3 beautiful kids at the Union Station! Enjoy :)