Thursday, February 25, 2010

I love To see the TemPle!

This last week Steph has been in town and we took the kids to see the Ogden Temple and we walked around the temple and took pic's but they got deleted for some reason :( But anyways Ky is so interested in the Temple and keeps saying she cant wait to go there and how she loves to see the Temple!
Well I am sad to say it had been a long while since I have been to the temple myself Years infact and I have been wanting to make it back there so bad but I just get busy in life and I will be honest had zero desire to take the time to get my recommend from my bishop and actually go to the temple... and lately things seem like they have been missing in my life I feel like there is another purpose for me and I love being a Mom I just haven't found anything I am passionate about and I have been struggling alot just with everyday things and have been kind of un happy with things, and I feel like I am lacking also in being a good Mom I almost dread sometimes getting up in the morning... I finally decided it was time for me to take that step and get my recommend and I went to the temple last night with Steph and Nates Mom and let me just tell you it was AMAZING! I have not felt like this in I cant remember how long, On the way to the temple I had so many things running through my mind like kids homework and all the things I needed to do this week and everything that was going on that week.... And then it happened I went through those doors to the Temple and it hit me like a ton of Bricks The spirit that is I couldn't even remember what I had been just thinking about all I knew was that this feeling was the best feeling in the world and I was utterly happy, Happier than I have been in soooo Long.
And all the things I have been stressing about and with were gone even after I left I had the answers I had been looking for and I knew things were going to be ok and great even!
Steph and I made a goal to go to the temple once a month atleast and write down the dates we go and when she comes up again we can talk about it.... I am so grateful to you Steph you are just like my own sister and I really think you came up at the right time for me atleast because I needed a little push and you may not even know that you did anything at all but you did more than you know you are a great example to me and I am going to miss you so much when you are gone :( I also need to say how much I love my husband Nate, He is amazing and is such a great guy, Husband and Daddy, He is friend to everyone and people just seem to gravitate towards him he definitely has a gift and he may not always know this but I see it every time I look at that man he is my best friend and my soul mate and I am so happy I can be with him forever time and all eternity.... and I just need to also say how grateful I am to be LDS and I know without a doubt in my mind this is the one and only true church..... what can I say I am feeling very happy and blessed right now!!!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

one of those days......

Do you ever wake up in the morning and just think today is going to be a good day and then something happens to tell you otherwise.... Well Today was one of Those Days, I left my Iphone on the back of the car this morning, I didn't realize it until I go to Ky's school and by that time well you know the rest..... Luckily Nate found my phone so I have my Sim card and all my info.... Unfortunately From what he says my phone is in pretty bad shape :( ....I haven't seen it yet because he is at work with it...... And yes he wasn't very happy about the whole thing.... Which most husbands would not be, Ladies we all know how men can be sometimes when we do something wrong its the end of the world but when they do it is simply a small minor mistake....
I have been so stressed out lately that I keep doing Stupid things I lose my purse and Phone constantly.... I have the whole family to vouch for this..... I cant even count how many times now, Then all within the month of January I ran into another ladies car at a stop light not to much damage to hers but alot to the front of mine, whole side dented in light busted out hood bent up...
Then a week after I ran in Haleys car (sis in law) backing out of driveway, Again not to bad for hers knocked her mirror off very easy fix, But mine a huge long scrape down the entire side of my car..... Hmmmm ok yes that's not the end about a week after that I was backing up again and hit Nates truck and his whole front end was dented and smashed in.... and let me tell you how happy he was about that.
and then I have had strep 3 times in 2 months and right now is the longest I have gone now without getting it again and I am starting to get a soar throat..... Seriously what next!
I am going to just hope and pray things start to look up from this point on because really how much more can happen..... My Venting is over now :-)
On the up side of all this Steph is in town and the kids are loving having there cousins to play with and my kids are so awesome they are happy and healthy and what more could a Mom ask for... With out them I really dont know what I would do..... Because inspite of all the things going wrong they manage to everyday make me smile and laugh.....