Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"The Message"

This Book was Amazing! That is all I can say about it.... The Message by Lance Richardson!
I really enjoyed this book so much I guess I just always thought things would be like that when we pass on and it really helped me know that this life is so short and there are so many things to be done here on earth while we are here, The biggest one SERVICE...... I cant say enough about how we all need to serve one another and love one another My goal for 2010 is to do something everyday for someone else Big or small for family, friends, neighbors, Or even strangers in need..... some kind of SERVICE! I am so excited about it and I am excited to get my family involved I really want my kids to know and see first hand how doing acts of service or kindness not only helps others but will bless your own life as well.....


As of today my Lundyn is doing Great she hasn't had to have more Botox for a while in her legs because it has worked so good and only has to wear her braces a few times per week (which we are bad at since she hates them...) Still has trouble holding things like spoons forks ect to eat with but we are getting better at it and Yes she is keeping her glasses on :) YAY! She is doing great in school and we love her teachers and therapists they are amazing and just really wonderful. Oh and she is also getting better with her straw to drink with... Maybe one day we will be done with sippy cups all together.... Oh and she is getting better at going potty she hardly has any accidents during the day or at school so she has been wearing Big Girl underwear the last 2 days only Pull ups when we leave the house... and at night, This is Huge everyone we are so proud of her and she is very Proud of herself also.....

Ok isn't she the cutest little girl ever! I am doing a post today all about Lundyn.... Mainly I am doing this because today was kinda a hard day for us, Most days are good and some are not so great..... I cant tell you all how much I love her and how I believe she is a little Angel sent to us from Heaven, But there are days I get so frustrated with her and everything she has to go through..... When she has a bad day you know trust me you know She gets very upset and crys and screams and she will Bite and hit, And you just never know what will set her off such as Loud Noises she hates them, Planes Trucks Loud Music ect.... Well I dont know what happened today but the poor thing just was not content at all and she was very unhappy Some days I just wish she could talk so she can tell me exactly what she needs and what is wrong.
Sometimes I almost forget she is handicap and that she isn't going to be able to certain things like other kids... Today I gave her a big bowl of oatmeal and I was stressing because I was in a rush I completely spaced off the fact I had set it down in front of her when I knew very well I had to feed her and I walked away to get something for Forde well needless to say it was everywhere in her hair on the floor on her shirt and I was even more upset than before and I couldnt understand why she would try and eat it herself, Well I did set it there and I just need to take a deep breath and a step back and remember that she has special needs and its not her fault she acts and does things sometimes....
Now normally I am very good about it and I can handle just about anything but its been a day. Next she wanted to play the nintendo ds like Ky does so I let her hold it a pretend to play it since she isnt able to do it which seems to satisfy her but I got a little sad today because I watch Ky play hers and read the things on it and I wonder if she will ever be able to read or even have the mobility in her fingers to press the buttonos and play a game like that.... I am just wanting my kids all of them to have everything life has to offer them and I just worry about her so much that kids will be mean to her and even now kids will stare at her if she gets excited or anything when we are out because she jumps and has cute (funny) little poses and she screams with Joy... Most kids dont understand and I have to remind myself that often....
Anyways to get the point I was just needing to get some built up frustration out and now she is happy again and content so we are all good.... I am so thankful for her and wouldn't change her even if I could she is the best and my little Angel, and she is the sweetest most accepting girl you will ever meet.... Our Fam wouldn't be the same with out her and her sweet spirit!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Catch up!

Ky and Lundyn turn 7!

Yes I have once again let time slip away from me.... The last couple of months have been so much fun from Halloween and The girls Birthday and then Thanksgiving.... Oh and then we have all been so sick for like the last month off and on but we are all feeling better now and ready for Christmas.
This year has been really hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit, I did not expect to be in the situation we are in right now and I didn't expect to be where we are either.... I will be honest in saying it has been a HUGE struggle and I have put a lot of pressure on myself and Nate to fix things and I have put Blame on people and refused to forgive certain people for things they did to help put us in this situation and I was reading my scriptures the other night and had a Talk with Nate and I realized that by me focusing on all the negative things and not forgiving it is only hurting myself and Heavenly Father wouldn't want me to drag this on he would want me to forgive and forget and move on...... So that's what I am doing I am not going to say anything bad anymore and I am going to be positive and Grateful for everything we still have and for our families who have helped us times of need... I dont know where we would be without our great families..... And I dont know where I would be without the gospel and my Heavenly Father in my life, I would be lost..... Ok Ok now here are some pics of things.....
This picture is my Dad, I just thought I would add this in because he is the greatest Dad ever.... He is always there for me and he is the funnest Grandpa, My kids just love going over to see there Grandpa.... I talk to him just about everyday and he still is always concerned about me and everything that goes on in my life I guess I am still like his little girl :) Thanks Dad you are the best!
Ky at her Halloween Party in her class.....

Lundyn at her party!
Forde in his new suit!
Me and the girls on there Birthday.... My babies turned 7!!!!!

I have lots more pics from Thanksgiving I have yet to download so I will try and do that before Christmas so I am all caught up... We will see though ;)