Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Well I know once again I have not done a great job on the blog, But I am making it a goal to update at least twice a month... So we will see how it goes! Lots has happened and is going on we are always busy it seems with something going on, The girls are in 1st grade this year and loving every minute of it... They are still at different schools but we have certainly managed to deal with that and I actually think its good for them both to be on there own.
Ky is doing so good in her class and is reading better all the time she does have a teeny tiny problem with talking a bit to much but all in all a great student.
Lundyn is doing much better now with the new meds her Dr put her on and is now able to be her happy self again and actually enjoy things :) and that makes one happy Mom... She is still in therapy each week and is really coming a long way She has to get new leg braces again because her feet grow so quickly and I really need to better about her wearing them I tend to give in to her when she wont put them on....
And Yes Forde is still growing and getting bigger he is 33.5 pounds and I love every inch of him he is starting to get a really bad temper and he is a little spoiled but being the baby and so much younger than the girls its hard not to spoil him. We have had a rough few months and we are still going through some of those rough times but we are managing to handle them and we are closer and stronger because of them and things are not always as bad as they may seem at the time and things can always be worse so I am staying positive, And I can honestly say when I read my scriptures and really pray and let it all out when I do things are so much easier and I am trying along with Steph and some of the fam to get through the BOM by the end of the year so anyone who wants to join in please do.... Now here are some pics of the family over the past few weeks EnJoY!