Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Robbed and Biting.... (Sigh)

Ok So this last week was Crazy.... Nate's office was broken into and Thousands of Dollars worth of stuff Stolen :( Now it was not only Got Mac's Inventory of computers and Lap Tops stolen it was Customers Computer's and phones that were in there shop being fixed that were stolen!
I feel like we just can't catch a break really just when things are Great and looking up something else happens to bring us back down, I can't understand why this happened and why people do these things with no Regard for anyone else! Now we do have Insurance but they are being difficult with needing every little detail and receipt (which I understand) But still it is going to be tough and a long road before we are compensated for our loses and that is a Huge blow after all the money we lost last year in Maryland! Ok I am complaining and still I know it can be worse but I don't think I can take much more.... Oh and did I mention the cops suspected Nate of this Crime of a set up basically.... WHAT? was my reaction but again they are doing there job and I am sure they have run into dishonest people like this before so they have to check out every possibility.
If it was not for Nate and my Awesome 3 kids I would have given up long ago they are truly the best things in my life :)
BITING... Forde is at it again just when I thought he had broken the habit he started up again.... He has bitten Lundyn and Kylan on her face right under her Eye any higher and Ky's Eye would have been bitten.... I am super frustrated because I have tried everything with that kid and Nothing is working he is by far my most challenging child at this age my girls were not biters when they were little and I have done almost everything people have suggested to do, and it doesn't help that despite my Frustration he is so darn cute and can melt my heart with his Big Blue eyes and Smile! -here is a pic after he was punished for biting-

This one broke my heart.... Even though I had to stay strong you cant let this face fool you!
See my problem I feel so bad after and he does always say sorry and give his sisters hugs, If only that would last...
Until my next post-

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer 2010

Well I know once again time seems to have slipped away from me.... But we have had an Ok Summer I mean don't get me wrong I love the heat and swimming ect. But it has been a rough one between Forde being a typical 2 year old with his screaming tantrums and Lundyn on her new meds and new Leg Braces again she is having a tough time even making it half way through the day most days.....
Life is good though and every time I complain I have to stop myself and be Thankful for all that I have been blessed with and that I have a great Husband and Kids and so many friends and family who love us and help us! Things can always be worse and it isn't always easy to see that in the moment but it is true! One of the fun things we have done lately is go on a tour of the Conference center in Salt Lake city, It was awesome to take the kids to see where the Prophet talks to all of us and to feel that spirit!
And we have been going to the park and walking by Hob's Pond nearly everyday well that is until I broke my Toe..... And it hurts so bad! Kylan has been playing with her friends tons and well most days are spent Outside playing and the kids love to get dirty :)
Here are some pic's from the recent happenings of summer!!!

The Huge painting in the conference center!
The Roof and view of the Temple!
We went to Krispie Kream with the kids one night and th next pic says it all about Forde!

And then there is this pic from the zoo and Obviously you can tell Ky is unhappy! hahaha

Hanging with Cousin Matt playing his Guitar!

Pine View! Forde is super scared of the Lake... He loves to swim in a pool or sprinklers but the lake he wont go near just the sand :)
Lundyn and Ky at PCH right before Lundyn got her Botox she was very happy before but not so much after...... I should have gotten an after pic.... And that's all for now until I download our 24th of July pic's!