Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trout Farm Fishing!!!

 Well today the fam went out to the trout farm in N. Ogden, We had such a great time, if you have kids this is a place they will love, and your guaranteed to catch a fish. There are hundreds of trout swimming in those little ponds the kids were so amazed!

  Lundyn caught the first fish of the day, Nana and Papa were there to help hold it.... She was so excited.

 Steph and Locke, It was actually really entertaining watching Steph fish every time a fish would bite the line she would pull the pole so quick the fish wouldn't catch on and then she would scream, I must admit I let a little scream out every now and then as well, fish are kinda creepy when they wriggle around.

 Here are the kids all taking turns touching the fish they just caught...

Ok I like to fish I really think its a blast, But I cant eat them or any seafood for that fact. I hate it I think its sick, So I was the only one who did not eat what we caught.

That is the cutest fisher I have ever seen!

Oh and our little Forde well he was a trooper he just hung out his seat and didnt make a sound just very content being outside by the lake.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fire works and The american Idol Concert....

 Well this has been crazy, Steph is in town and we always have so much fun together. I will really miss them when they go back to Texas. I cant believe how fast summer seems to be going I just got Kylans schedule for her first week of Kindergarten and it made me realize that school is going to start in like 5 weeks or so and I am not as prepared for this as I thought. I am really going to miss the girls when they are at school. I mean I have been through the whole preschool thing for the last 2 years but it was 2 hours 3 days a week, so I really feel weird about them going everyday now. But I am sure with Forde I will still keep busy. 
  On Sunday we went to the Fireworks at Weber State as we usually do every year, except last year. And we got there and things were going really well we had a nice shady spot under the trees and the kids were playing and snacking, I was just crossing my fingers and hoping that Lundyn would not get nervous and have one of her episodes I guess you could call it.... 
  Well my luck changed all to fast as soon as all the people began gathering around and she just went crazy. Now I dont need to explain how it was because most of you know what it is like, or have witnessed it on one occasion or another, and me being very unprepared forgot her medicine that could have completly saved us there. I just feel so bad for her because I dont know what I would feel like to not be able to talk and communicate how I am feeling and I feel bad Lundyn, Forde and I ended up leaving before the fireworks started because I really want her to be able to do all the fun things that Ky and the cousins do. As a mother it makes me feel really helpless. 
  Ok on a more happier note, we went to the american idol concert last night, it was amazing and so much fun, we left the kids home with my wonderful parents and got some time out. I havnt been to a concert in such a long time I felt so young again.

                                     Nate and I at the Fireworks! (before all the drama)
             (he is going to be so mad I posted this pic because his eyes are closed.)

 Ky relaxing on Papa before the fireworks began.

    Me and Steph at the concert. -look I am wearing David Cook!-
  The concert not a very clear picture but you get the general idea it was really dark and then bright on stage so I guess thats why its so blurry. (I had so much fun, thanks babe for going with me)  

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

out of order.

Um ok my next 2 blogs are totally out of order and my computer is being weird so please dont get confused... it wouldnt let me switch them back!

Grandpa Speechlys Bday continued...

 Oh my little Lundyn was so happy
Holly and Uncle Brent really the funniest man ever!

Aunt Sherri and Uncle Scott

Grandma and Grandpa Speechly (the bday boy)

Grey Hansen AKA mini Matt

Papa, Kelsie and Ky...

 Ok well thats all the photos I will post I know you are all really tired now of going down through all of them. 

So many things....

I know it has been a long while since I have posted, and I have so much to catch up on I really have so many pictures to post as well its crazy so I hope you all enjoy!!!

 Ok I know what you are all thinking, but Nate and I were sitting in bed with him one morning and I just happened to see this marker on my night stand and we just thought it would be funny to see what the girls would say when they saw him... it was great!

     Ok so I have a problem I like my kids to have mustaches I for some reason find this hilarious.

     Here are some random pic's of the kids!

 So 2 days ago I went to check on Forde because he was sleeping an awful long time and I found him like this. I was totally freaking out because I had laid him on his side and didnt expect to find this with his face down on the blankets.

We had such a good time swimming, the girls love the water we went to the roy swim place I cant remember the name of it, but I highly recommend it if you have little ones.. But it was 100 degrees that day and I got really burnt...

oh ya the 4th of July fireworks!!! 

 So usually we have Nate do the honers in the lighting of Fireworks but this year we decided that Carson Makami should take over. 

 We had the traditional Bruce/Makami 4th of July BBQ and Fireworks here is the whole group. except me I was the picture taker...

 Kelsie and Marisa.

 Cage and I think Carson in the backround

 Well those are just some of the pic,s from the 4th. All in all it was a busy but good day, We started off by going to breakfast which is tradition we do it every year but it was really great this year because we went with both mine and Nates family to Ihop it was so much fun to do things all together. then we sent ky to the parade with Cyd (my sister) and her kids because Lundyn just wasnt feeling the whole parade thing and then we went shopping, swimming in the Bruces new pool ate lots and lots and did Fireworks. 

 OK now we are getting to the next day of events we had my family reunion which I have to post pics later since they are Nates phone, and that night we had Grandpa Speechlys Bday party at the Timber Mine. here are some photos of that for those who couldnt be there. (steph and Haley)

 The maw fam.

 Kyle and Tammy